就想賴著妳 + 秋香怒點唐伯虎

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The week has been hectic …
Feels like i’m running for 3 jobs all over again!

Still, there’s always time for dramas!!
I’m done with the last one, Tie Ma Xun Qiao! I totally like it!

Just started on the following 2:

A Hong Kong TVB drama that’s not too serious this time! haha very very comical, but also quite waste time..
so i played it while doing other stuff =p

The Taiwanese drama which loads of people are following right now… Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni.
Typical Rich guy falls for poor girl
In this case, Ella’s the baby sitter for Jerry and he hired her coz he thought she’s a lesbian and will not fall for him!
oh well, u should know how the story goes then!

Jerry looks super skinny this time, and after all the gossip news, still cant figure out whether he’s straight or not =p

Ren must have watched this already! she;s such a drama fan! haha

Back to school

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It’s almost been a month since i resumed classes at Nail school!
So it’s back to school on Monday and Tuesday~

I’ve been hardworking… trying to complete as much homework as possible…
But realised there’s still SO MUCH to do and I’ve yet to complete half the course =(

Anyway, here’s some works that i’ve completed …

I felt like it was project work in school all over again.
The process is similar… researching for designs and getting the techniques right..
argh.. sometimes its frustrating that u have to re-do once u get a step wrong =(


Visited Minz’s office on Monday evening…
The ladies gave me an inspiration to create the Burberry classic checks on nails.. HAHA


Hope i’ll find more time soon to complete the rest of the work needed soon =)


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20 episodes — 2010 TVB drama
I’m already at 13th episode after 2 days! hahahha!

he looks damn damn good!
ok, i sound pretty superficial here~ whahaha

As you can tell from the poster, it’s abt kungfu in China 1912 to 1935
The plot is superb, but the kungfu action sequence sucks~

TVB might be the only reason why I would want to move to HK =p

How SUAY can I get?

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8pm — brakes failed me on PIE, car skidded, crashed into car ahead
11.30pm — stepped in club, man puked on my legs and Nine West heels
4am — drove the damaged car home, not knowing that the radiator was spoilt


10.30am — Driving to Ben’s & was on the fone… see TP!
10.40am — Exiting to Ben’s & was on the fone… see another TP!
2.30pm — reported accident to IDAC @ ulu portsdown, not allowed to drive it away coz it was too badly damaged.
2.45pm — stranded with 3 bags and a trolley in that ulu place, had to cancel nail class
4pm — Pris came to save my starving life, drove to holland v for FOOD
4.20pm — Reached holland v, stepped out of the car, slippers split & tripped

My trusty $65 Pretty Fit slip-ons gave way… WTF~

I laughed at myself coz I really can’t believe what the hell happened to me, all within 24 hours.
so… what’s next?


Dawn’s taking bridal photos in beautiful bali this weekend!
Did her nails for her =)

Hope she likes them =)

Filled with Food + Shutter Island

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My day was filled with activities!

1) A massage session with heat compressed back rub @ LifeSpa
2) Shopping in Orchard
3) Hi-Tea @ Marriott Cafe
4) Watch Shutter Island

The massage was so-so, given that its 4 times the price of the fantastic massage in BKK

We went shopping coz we were too early for the hi-tea after the massage!
Thinking that she’s gonna foot the bill for my shopping, i happily grabbed all the nice dresses i wanted, but never gotten down to buy them!
So…. the total bill came up to $269…
mum plucks out her credit card and…………





Then i remembered that I cancelled that card for her some time back !!! omgomgomgomgomgomg….
I had to pay for the greedy shopping loot….=(
absolutely sulky!

So I ate my fill at the Hi-Tea! think i went for 6 rounds … or more? ahhahaa
The pple working there see me walking ard so often must have thought… this girl sure can eat !~

yes, i was so stuffed up that my waistline doubled immediately!
unfortunately, the fats has been distributed to my face, arms and thunder thighs now!


Weather in Singapore has been disastrous recently!
It’s damn humid and hot in the day and showers in the evening!
The rain was sooo heavy that its blinding!
Since we’re already out, had to fetch dad from work in BEDOK and then got stuck in the jam from there till Boon Lay..

Seriously! Singaporeans can’t fuckin’ drive!


Decided to watch Shutter Island later in the evening after so many good reviews..
The storyline was predictable but i tried to be kept in suspense.
Well… that’s what the movie wants u to do anyway~ ahhaaha

Leo’s acting was totally brilliant!!!
He’s alway been taking on such challenging roles like Revolutionary Road, Catch Me if You Can, Aviator..
Showcasing quirkiness and intelligence~

Someone told me it’s a remake of Madhouse in 2004 and 1990…
erm… i dun think it’s THAT similar..

Seriously~ its worth more than any of those 3D movies i watched! HAHAHA

Cody’s Vaccination day

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Cody is due for the annual vaccination and a complete body checkup coz he’s growing to be too old!

The 10 yr old boy sets out on the passenger seat with all my barang-barang, acting really dao!

finally took a look at the driver! *hmmpf*
he’s really good at balancing while i drive!

aiya, sian already..
spreads himself on the seat!

“Are we there yet??”

Nope! sorry….I bet u dun wan to be there so soon when u know what’s going to happen to u!
A series of blood tests plus needles poking you for the vaccination!

Nobody believed his age! oh well, we maintain him as well as we maintain ourselves! hahaha!
Someone commented: he doesn’t look a day older than a pup!


When the lady asked me to weigh my dog..
I reported: 2.6kg!

i saw all the faces starring at me…
Ermmmm i think everyone’s shocked at how cody doesn’t put on weight? ahhaha

He’s just naturally slim and healthy!!
and he already put on weight lor!!!! from 2kg to 2.6kg, damn gd liao!

All blood test results were perfect! Cody’s gonna be kickin’ ass still!
Just that he’s really going to be bo-gay soon!! More loose teeth discovered….
His tongue hangs out coz one side of the tooth is gone, so he cant retract it.
*reminds me to Betty’s Terry* HAHAHA


On a separate note…
My Starglace affliates  totally agreed with the fact that the CXXX magazine writer is throwing her media-weight around!!!
& NO! I shouldn’t take it lying down!
Too bad you were dumb enough to tell me which magazine u work for, too arrogant and rude in your emails and too blind to see the prices on my website!
I’m sure your boss will not be pleased when she  finds out that she has a true blue bitchy employee who has ruined the image of the publication!

drafting my email NOW!!!!

Traffic Jam Jam Jam Tuesday

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Quoted from “Muttons to Midnight” from Perfect 10 987fm

Was driving from 7.15pm from Boon Lay to Orchard, when i entered PIE from Corporation road, the jam starts from the filter lane into PIE @ bloody JURONG!
I rolled on at tortoise speed, the whole journey didnt need me to accelerate more than 70km/h

All i need to do is brake, release and let the car roll…
And the REASON why?!?!?

Just because of the perpetual drizzle  and Singaporeans want to play safe by rolling their cars at 10km/h
There was NO accidents, NO lane closures, NO plant pruning!!!
The roads were clear and smooth but some assholes just like to drive so slow that caused the highways in the whole island to be packed!

Getting from one place to another takes 1 hr at the minimum.

Poor Hungry Judy has to wait for me!!
Then we gobbled up so much food until I am currently too stuffed up to sleep.
Though the full tummy makes me really sleepy BUTTTTT i have to tahan!
NO SLEEPING else i will grow fat!! =(

Been binge-eating recently~ Appetite’s really good =p

Ahhhh, another buffet coming up on Thursday! Will review on Marriott’s hi-tea buffet then!

Girlfriends >> I’ll be busy from next week onwards, i guess i had a great 9 months slacking and sleeping and catching up with everyone that its back to serious work now!

Ongoing travel plans ::
Bali in July and Melbourne in Aug!

Whooo hooooo! Life’s is really good!

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